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Well, the transitional phase is now over. Looks like everything is OK now, and verified as "XHTML 1.0 Transitional". (Go-on, click on that icon to the right. That'll show you I'm right!!)

At some point I'll update the content here, and probably end up doing my rFactor tracks once I get myself a new wheel that'll work under XP 64 bit edition (bloody Thrustmaster with their "That's an old product, we dont do any new drivers for that" stance, and Joytech with the latest version of the drivers from 2005!!)

No-one's really there fighting for you in the last garison.
No-one except yourself that is, no-one except you.
You are the one who's got your back 'til the last deeds done.

The end of the something i did not want to end,
Begining of hard times to come.
But something that was not meant to be is done,
And this is the start of what was.


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